Six Year Checkup

Our kiddo is in great health and continues to grow: 54 pounds and standing at 4 foot 1 inch. When Ellie was 18 months old, I took a photo that I particularly liked. Last year, I thought I’d get a shot from the same part of the procedure to show how much she’s grown. Now, … Continue reading Six Year Checkup

Ellie’s 6th Birthday!

After watching all the confetti that was released when the Seahawks won the Superbowl (Go Hawks!) Ellie decided she needed a similar treatment for her birthday and went about making her own confetti. She worked on it for days and had it all worked out when it would get tossed (right before cake). The morning … Continue reading Ellie’s 6th Birthday!

Lost Tooth #2

January 14th: Second Tooth Gone. Woke up to tell us it fell out. Just like that. Only the second tooth and it’s commonplace. Since she lost the first one, she really wanted to keep the second. She said please so the Tooth Fairy obliged. Continue reading Lost Tooth #2

Anniversary weekend

We were blessed to have celebrated our 20th Anniversary! As Jeff and I were planning what to do to honor the day, Ellie became rather put out that our plans didn’t include her. But, she quickly convinced us that she was an important component of our marriage and therefore she should be included in the … Continue reading Anniversary weekend

Holiday Fun

Our family loves Christmas Time! And we try to fill every moment with fun and memories. Decorating the tree: Decked out for school: Sitting with Santa: Decorating cookies: Let’s go for a sleigh ride (as camels): Visting Narnia: Skating: Seattle Center: Snow: Cookie decorating with Emma: Downtown fun with Ainsley: Zoo Lights with Emma and … Continue reading Holiday Fun

Museum of Flight

Ellie really wanted to take us to the Museum of Flight. She’s been lucky enough to go several times with school programs, but Jeff and I had only been there once before for a work party – and then only some of the rooms were open. So, we decided a family field trip was in … Continue reading Museum of Flight