Mt Rainier Vacation

In the middle of August my mom came up for an extended visit. Part of the visit included several days at a cabin near Mt. Rainier. (This is going to be a bit of a photo fest, but I just couldn’t narrow this down any more. I love all these photos and they all really … Continue reading Mt Rainier Vacation


It’s ridiculously late at night (or ridiculously early in the morning), but I wanted to post this before going to bed since I feel guilty that we haven’t been keeping current here on the RooBlog. Ellie is still WonderBaby™, though she’s started to be more difficult when we try to put her down to sleep … Continue reading Backyarding

Outing: Date Night!

Friday marked an important milestone in Ellie’s development: Kim and I escaped and left her at home! Okay, she wasn’t alone. Our good friend Glenn Fleishman and his wife Lynn gave us a couple of babysitting gift certificates at the baby shower, so we redeemed one so that Kim and I could go out and … Continue reading Outing: Date Night!

Sleep and Muffins

Probably the number one question I get now is, “Sleeping much?” Surprisingly, the answer is, “Yes, a bit.” That’s not to say we’re getting long stretches of continuous sleep, but Ellie tends to sleep in larger chunks during the night (3-4 hours), so we’re only up a couple of times. For now. We’re now in … Continue reading Sleep and Muffins