Lost Tooth #2

January 14th: Second Tooth Gone. Woke up to tell us it fell out. Just like that. Only the second tooth and it’s commonplace. Since she lost the first one, she really wanted to keep the second. She said please so the Tooth Fairy obliged. Continue reading Lost Tooth #2

Anniversary weekend

We were blessed to have celebrated our 20th Anniversary! As Jeff and I were planning what to do to honor the day, Ellie became rather put out that our plans didn’t include her. But, she quickly convinced us that she was an important component of our marriage and therefore she should be included in the … Continue reading Anniversary weekend

Holiday Fun

Our family loves Christmas Time! And we try to fill every moment with fun and memories. Decorating the tree: Decked out for school: Sitting with Santa: Decorating cookies: Let’s go for a sleigh ride (as camels): Visting Narnia: Skating: Seattle Center: Snow: Cookie decorating with Emma: Downtown fun with Ainsley: Zoo Lights with Emma and … Continue reading Holiday Fun

Preschool Graduation

June 28, 2013 There are not enough nice things to say about Agape. It has become our home, our center, and we have felt so supported and nurtured by these amazing teachers and friends. We are all a bit heartbroken to be leaving it. But before the tears begin, we celebrate our time there with … Continue reading Preschool Graduation


June 3-7, 2013 Let’s be clear. Jeff LOVES Disneyland. Before we had Ellie, Jeff took me to Disneyland because we knew we wouldn’t be able to go back for a while, and as soon as Ellie was approaching five years old, Jeff started talking about making it a family vacation. Not that I wasn’t a … Continue reading DISNEYLAND!

Beautiful Brides

We don’t dress up often, but it was great fun to get gussied up for the wedding of our friends Colleen and Lee Ann. We met them through Ellie – their son goes to Ellie’s school. And it is largely because of Colleen’s efforts that Washington State passed Ref 74 legalizing gay marriage back in … Continue reading Beautiful Brides

Birthday, Part 1

Ellie and Ainsley have been best friends since they met at 2 and 3 months old. Ainsley is a month older than Ellie. They met in our PEPS group and immediately seemed to gravitate to each other. So when they said they both wanted to do the same thing for their birthdays this year (party … Continue reading Birthday, Part 1

Raising an Activist

It’s official, Referendum 74 was Approved in Washington state. I couldn’t be happier. Although I whole-heartedly believe in the democratic process and voting, I have never actively supported a political campaign before. But this time was different. This time it affected friends of mine. This time I wanted to contribute my time and money and … Continue reading Raising an Activist