Mt Rainier Vacation

In the middle of August my mom came up for an extended visit. Part of the visit included several days at a cabin near Mt. Rainier. (This is going to be a bit of a photo fest, but I just couldn’t narrow this down any more. I love all these photos and they all really … Continue reading Mt Rainier Vacation

Ellie at the Farm

January is ending with a burst of travel for us all. Kim went to Montana for a long weekend to visit our friend Shannon, while Ellie and I flew to Sacramento to see Susan (“Deppa”) and Ron at the farm in Dixon. Ellie will stay here for the week while I’m at the Macworld|iWorld conference … Continue reading Ellie at the Farm

Six Week Blur

The last 6 weeks have gone by in a blur. Between Jeff and I we’ve had three people we care about pass away including my father (Grandpa Bob to Ellie). The day after hearing about my dad I rushed to CA to be with my mom and siblings while Jeff tried to make things feel … Continue reading Six Week Blur

Grandpa Bob

Kim’s cel phone rang at about 5:45 a.m. Wednesday, waking us both up. I could faintly hear the slight Southern twang of her mother’s voice, and then Kim’s eyes opened in shock. Patty was calling to let us know that Bob had passed away unexpectedly during the night. Bob had been frail, but not ill. … Continue reading Grandpa Bob

Visiting Grandparents

Over Labor Day weekend, we had a wonderful week-long visit from Grandma Patty and Grandpa Bob. Although my mom came up for Ellie’s birthday, it’s been a while since my dad made the trek to the Pacific Northwest. Ellie took full advantage of having a completely willing playmate and made Grandma Patty engage in her … Continue reading Visiting Grandparents

La La Land

Jeff came to me about three weeks ago, and told me he wanted to do a project that would start in a few days and monopolize his time for about a week. Since A) I had been wanting to visit my family in Glendale, and B) I desperately needed some sunshine in my life, this … Continue reading La La Land