Ellie Rocks at the Climbing Gym

Sunday was a busy day for Ellie. She started with the birthday party of her friend Max, and then followed that up with a new adventure: an hour of rock climbing with her neighborhood buddy Logan! We went to Stone Gardens in Ballard, where Ellie and Logan were outfitted to climb with the assistance of … Continue reading Ellie Rocks at the Climbing Gym

PEPS Kiddos June 2010

Our PEPS group has been meeting mostly-regularly now for two years, which is great. Tonight everyone was there, so we took advantage of the weather to get a group shot: [L-R: Zoe, Ellie, Amy, Ainsley, Elliott, Mazama, Olive] Compare to this one, almost exactly two years ago (June 23, 2008): [L-R: Elliott, Amy, Ellie, Olive, … Continue reading PEPS Kiddos June 2010

Ellie Meets Annika Bos

Ellie’s good friend Ainsley became a big sister this week, as her parents David and Dana welcomed their new daughter Annika to the world. Ellie and I went to the hospital to meet her (Kim stayed home because she’s still getting over a stomach bug). Ellie was great with Annika, being gentle and attentive enough … Continue reading Ellie Meets Annika Bos

Downtown Holiday Fun

Ellie and I had a super fun day today! Our friend Dana works for Amazon, and therefore has been working stupidly crazy hours preparing for the holidays. But, she really wanted to play with her daughter Ainsley during this festive time. So Dana played hooky from work and they invited us to come along. We … Continue reading Downtown Holiday Fun

Pictures from PEPS

The “official” PEPS meetings are now over, but most of the group is still getting together. Here are some photos and a video from Monday’s gathering. (Photo by Dana Bos) (Photo by David Bos) (Photo by Jeff Carlson) (Photo by Jeff Carlson) (Video by Jeff Carlson) Continue reading Pictures from PEPS

Scenes from July 4, 2008

Independence Day this year started off awkwardly. I was going to work in the morning, then we’d do something fun in the afternoon and evening. However, sometime in the late morning I fell asleep for a couple of hours, throwing everything off. (I didn’t realize I was so tired.) When we left the house mid-afternoon, … Continue reading Scenes from July 4, 2008

Outing: Date Night!

Friday marked an important milestone in Ellie’s development: Kim and I escaped and left her at home! Okay, she wasn’t alone. Our good friend Glenn Fleishman and his wife Lynn gave us a couple of babysitting gift certificates at the baby shower, so we redeemed one so that Kim and I could go out and … Continue reading Outing: Date Night!

Baby Visit

Thanks to daddy and consummate organizer Glenn, we’ve been enjoying a steady stream of prepared food from friends over the past month. (Thank you everyone!) Last night Ellie met her third baby friend (the first being Glenn and Lynn’s boy Rex, and the second being Agen and Parie’s boy Sofian): Isabella, daughter of Peter and … Continue reading Baby Visit