Ellie at the Farm

January is ending with a burst of travel for us all. Kim went to Montana for a long weekend to visit our friend Shannon, while Ellie and I flew to Sacramento to see Susan (“Deppa”) and Ron at the farm in Dixon. Ellie will stay here for the week while I’m at the Macworld|iWorld conference … Continue reading Ellie at the Farm

California – Part 2

(Okay, we are jumping around a bit. We’ll catch up eventually and get everything in chronological order again.) After spending a week with Grandma Patty in Glendale, we took a one hour flight north to visit Deppa and Poppy (Grandma Susan and Grandpa Ron) in Dixon for a week. One of the best parts about … Continue reading California – Part 2


On the last full day of our Mount Rainier vacation, we went on a short hike through the Grove of the Patriarchs. Along the way, we stopped at a creek where Ellie ended up getting her feet wet… and then her legs… and then all hope was lost for having a clean child. She reveled … Continue reading Mudbunny

Buck Up Lil’ Camper

We just got home from our weekend camping trip. It’s Saturday night (not Sunday as planned). The trip was aborted because the child that lives with us refused to nap or sleep at night without screaming for at least an hour. We were embarrassed that the other campers had to listen to this, but mostly, … Continue reading Buck Up Lil’ Camper

La La Land

Jeff came to me about three weeks ago, and told me he wanted to do a project that would start in a few days and monopolize his time for about a week. Since A) I had been wanting to visit my family in Glendale, and B) I desperately needed some sunshine in my life, this … Continue reading La La Land