“Daddy, I’m never going to play with you again.” A pause. Then she says it with a little more volume, a little more force. “Daddy, I’m never going to play with you again.” I’m sitting on the stairs in the hallway. It’s nap time, and like most recent Saturday afternoons, Ellie has very little interest … Continue reading Napping

Buck Up Lil’ Camper

We just got home from our weekend camping trip. It’s Saturday night (not Sunday as planned). The trip was aborted because the child that lives with us refused to nap or sleep at night without screaming for at least an hour. We were embarrassed that the other campers had to listen to this, but mostly, … Continue reading Buck Up Lil’ Camper

Camping at Newhalem

Last year at about this time, we ventured to Camano Island for an overnight camping trip to see how Ellie would do – and she was great. The opportunity to go camping again didn’t come up that summer, so this last weekend we ventured out again, this time to one of our favorite campsites, Newhalem. … Continue reading Camping at Newhalem

Separation Anxiety

What did I get for Father’s Day? A screaming child. (Still, she’s my cute child, so I’m not complaining. Much.) The weekend proved to be weird for Ellie’s sleep schedule: we went to the Fremont Solstice Parade in the late morning, and when we returned home, we tried to get Ellie down for a nap, … Continue reading Separation Anxiety

First Camping Trip

After looking at our calendars last week, Kim and I realized that we had just one opportunity to go camping this summer. We try to go a few times each year, but of course we’ve been busy with a little one this summer. So we identified a one-night excursion time and headed out to Camano … Continue reading First Camping Trip

Good Dreams

I’m working late (again) when I get an iChat message from Kim downstairs: “Parent conference, please?” Kim and Ellie went to bed hours ago, so I head down to find Ellie doing her roo-style leg thumping in the co-sleeper and Kim utterly confused. Ellie must have been having a good dream, because she woke up … Continue reading Good Dreams


It’s ridiculously late at night (or ridiculously early in the morning), but I wanted to post this before going to bed since I feel guilty that we haven’t been keeping current here on the RooBlog. Ellie is still WonderBaby™, though she’s started to be more difficult when we try to put her down to sleep … Continue reading Backyarding