Ellie at the Farm

January is ending with a burst of travel for us all. Kim went to Montana for a long weekend to visit our friend Shannon, while Ellie and I flew to Sacramento to see Susan (“Deppa”) and Ron at the farm in Dixon. Ellie will stay here for the week while I’m at the Macworld|iWorld conference … Continue reading Ellie at the Farm

California – Part 2

(Okay, we are jumping around a bit. We’ll catch up eventually and get everything in chronological order again.) After spending a week with Grandma Patty in Glendale, we took a one hour flight north to visit Deppa and Poppy (Grandma Susan and Grandpa Ron) in Dixon for a week. One of the best parts about … Continue reading California – Part 2

Good Grandma Susan Visit

Grandma Susan went home on Wednesday following a great, fun, and relaxing week. As I mentioned earlier, she hadn’t seen Ellie since February, and therefore the little girl got a lot of attention. On a few nights Ellie almost collapsed at the end of the day from so much playing. One of their favorite things … Continue reading Good Grandma Susan Visit