At Adams on Halloween, they invite the parents to come and see all the kids have a parade around the playground in their costumes. Here’s Ms. W’s class. Then, conveniently, it was recess. Afterward, we were invited into the classroom to partake in their Halloween party. Ellie was pretty tired after school, so we skipped … Continue reading Halloween!

Halloween Party

Ellie asked for a Halloween party. She also asked for a play date with some of her friends from Agape who she doesn’t get to see very often anymore. So, with a little prodding from some other moms, we decided to host a Halloween party for the girls from Agape. It was a pretty low-key … Continue reading Halloween Party

Story Time

While I was in CA visiting my mom, Ellie wanted me to read a story to her. Thankfully, my mom has several of the same books we have at home. So we were able to read one of our favorite stories remotely. Continue reading Story Time


Honestly, we just had too much fun this summer to do individual posts on this blog. Instead I present you with my favorite pictures and moments from Summer 2013. Meeting John Wayne on our way to Disneyland Up close with a new friend at Downtown Disney A break for some silliness Painting pottery The sun … Continue reading Summer