Today was Ellie’s last day at Agape, and therefore her last day of Preschool before heading off to Kindergarten next week, and I’m a wreck. Ellie is fine, of course, but I’m a mess. It was a bit of a struggle to get into Agape in the first place. Our friends Dana and David had … Continue reading Transition

Field Trips

One of the things I love about Agape is that the teachers are fearless and adventurous. They will take the kids anywhere. Hour and a half bus ride (each way) to get to The Museum of Flight? Okay! Transfer buses three times with 20 kids? Okay! Take them all on a ferry to an island? … Continue reading Field Trips

Mother’s Day

The plan was that Ellie would come wake me up, and we’d go make breakfast while Kim slept in. However, Kim had been awake since 6 am by the time Ellie came into our room, so the girls went back to Ellie’s room and spent time together. When I got up, I made breakfast, but … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m writing this the day after Mother’s Day because I mostly stayed away from the computer yesterday. I started the day in typical Dad fashion by bringing Kim breakfast in bed: sausages and waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. To my surprise, when I rounded the corner from the kitchen I saw that Kim had … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day