Baby Ellie and the Bear

One hazard of my job is that I frequently need to find photos to use for examples in articles, which leads me through my photo and video library, which invariably ends up with me looking at photos of Ellie. I ran across this video today that I don’t think I’ve shared before. This was when … Continue reading Baby Ellie and the Bear

Camping Again

I wasn’t going to write anything up about our camping trip last weekend until I saw this video Jeff posted today. So cute, I had to share: Since it is rather difficult to child-proof a campsite, Ellie was getting into everything (no, don’t lunge into the tent; no, don’t pull on the propane hose to … Continue reading Camping Again

Ellie and the Frogs

Ellie plays at the frog fountain in University Village. I’m happy that I also recorded her making an adorable chirping noise she’s fond of lately. (Captured with my iPhone 3G S in video mode. Flickr compressed it quite a bit; the original quality is better.) Continue reading Ellie and the Frogs