Kickin’ It

Ellie was insistent that she wanted to try soccer this Fall. As part of her school curriculum, once a week someone from a program called Happy Feet comes to the school and teaches the kids sport and motor skills through soccer, so many of her friends play on the local league. We signed her up. … Continue reading Kickin’ It

Camping in the Rain

It’s summer. You would think we wouldn’t have a major rain storm, even in Seattle. But we did. On the morning we were supposed to go camping, Jeff and I were working in the attic office when the monsoon hit. Lightening, thunder strong enough to shake the house, and a huge deluge of rain surrounded … Continue reading Camping in the Rain

4th of July

We had a lovely 4th of July. In the morning, we decided to break out Ellie’s bicycle. I’m a little embarrassed to say that Ellie hasn’t been on her bike since the day we got it for her – on her third birthday. Ooops. But, the new park near us is a great place to … Continue reading 4th of July


Anyone who cares deeply about maintaining a chronological timeline should stop reading now. But, anyone who wants to see some cute pictures of our girl, even though they are late and took place before the previous post, should keep reading. The Saturday before Easter we colored eggs. We weren’t sure this was going to happen … Continue reading Easter

Mini Cali Vacation

My sister and her family were going to be in California. We will see them in August, and since I just started a new job and couldn’t really take time off, we weren’t planning on going down to see them. That is until I found out my Aunt Jan, and her partner Linda were going … Continue reading Mini Cali Vacation

Gross & Interesting

While we were rock climbing with Logan on Sunday, his mom Heidi turned to me and said, “so what are you and Ellie doing after this?” When I said that we’d probably go home and take naps, she countered with “Let me suggest an alternate plan.” It seems Logan’s dad Bert (a middle school science … Continue reading Gross & Interesting

Ellie’s Birthday

Sorry this is a little late getting up. But, better late than never and all that. The Pony Party was on Saturday, but Ellie’s actual birthday was on Sunday. The family tradition is that you are woken up with a birthday candle in a treat on the morning of your birthday. This was made slightly … Continue reading Ellie’s Birthday