Honestly, we just had too much fun this summer to do individual posts on this blog. Instead I present you with my favorite pictures and moments from Summer 2013. Meeting John Wayne on our way to Disneyland Up close with a new friend at Downtown Disney A break for some silliness Painting pottery The sun … Continue reading Summer

Camano Island

Our PEPS friends invited us to spend the weekend with them at their vacation home on Camano Island. We already had camping reservations so we were at first a little hesitant to accept. But, we haven’t really spent much time with them outside of PEPS meetings, and we knew Ellie would love it so we … Continue reading Camano Island

Extending the Vacation

We couldn’t be in Southern California without spending several days with my mom and brother. After they picked us up from Disneyland, we all drove back to Glendale. Understandably, we were all exhausted the next day and did almost nothing. But, on Sunday, we went to church, which was great fun since it was choir … Continue reading Extending the Vacation

Birthday, Parts 2 & 3

Ellie and Jeff went to California for a few days. While Jeff was at Macworld in San Francisco, Ellie got to stay at the farm. Before they left (the day before her birthday), the cousins came over and there was lovely birthday celebration with cupcakes and presents! On her actual birthday, we continuing the tradition … Continue reading Birthday, Parts 2 & 3

New Year’s Eve

Okay, I’m playing catch-up. I just realized that I never got up a blog post about New Year’s Eve. Ellie has a new friend at school. Her name is Kelly and actually they have been going to school together for a long time, but it has only been recently that they have started to connect. … Continue reading New Year’s Eve

Christmas Happenings

We’ve been having a lot of fun this holiday season. As we are want to do, we had cameras with us for most of it. So here’s a quick overview in pictures of our holiday. Watching the Christmas Ships come in at MOHAI with Logan and Bert: Ellie and Logan look over the water at … Continue reading Christmas Happenings

Christmas in the City

Monday, December 3, was the Fourth Annual Downtown Holiday Fun Day! Ainsley’s grandmother, Fran, was visiting from Florida, so of course that dictated when our special day would be. Just to keep the girls on their toes, we decided to start the day a bit differently. First stop: the Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Hotel. … Continue reading Christmas in the City