First Checkup

We took Ellie to her first checkup today, which also marked her first public outing since returning from the hospital. She was an angel for the most part, getting a bit worked up in the crowded and noisy waiting room. Fortunately, I was able to get her to calm down fairly quickly – it felt … Continue reading First Checkup

We’re Home

Home Asleep Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson Yes, the wonderful nurses and staff at Swedish turned on us and insisted that we go home, like it’s some responsibility of ours to raise this beautiful child. Ellie slept for most of the drive, then got a feeding in the glider. About a nanosecond after that, both … Continue reading We’re Home

Eliana Wren Carlson

Please, please, please welcome Eliana Wren Carlson, born this morning at 8:48 a.m. in Seattle. Ellie weighed in at 7 pounds 3.5 ounces, stretched out to 21 inches in length, and is more beautiful than I could have possibly fathomed. Mother and baby are healthy and happy (and tired). For a few more photos, go … Continue reading Eliana Wren Carlson

Roo Plus-Four

Talking to Roo Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson So I said to the belly, “Hey baby, when are you coming out?” I didn’t hear a reply, so I put my ear to skin. Thump. Problem is, I don’t know if Roo was saying, “I hear you, Faceless-Boy-Voice, and I’m working on it,” or, “Hey, baby’s … Continue reading Roo Plus-Four

Roo Plus-Two

Roo plus-Two Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson Well, now we’re really in the “any minute now” phase of the pregnancy. Saturday was the official due date, which passed without much incident. Kim is still doing fine, and although she’s getting contractions, they still seem to be of the Braxton-Hicks, just-practicing variety without any sort of … Continue reading Roo Plus-Two

Final Stretch

How geeky can you be when you’re sitting in the doctor’s office creating a blog for your yet-to-be-born child? Well, we had some time and Wi-Fi access, so here we are. So far Roo is doing well. The nurse hooked Kim to the fetal heart monitoring machine and after about 20 minutes proclaimed that the … Continue reading Final Stretch