Visiting Grandparents

Grandpa Bob and Grandma Patty went home yesterday. It was a very nice visit, although it seemed too short. Grandma Patty enjoyed singing to Ellie and did rhyming and hand games that she does with her four-year old Sunday School students. Ellie loved the attention and all the fun gestures (and Grandma has promised to … Continue reading Visiting Grandparents

Sunny Day Outing

It was a warm day for Seattle (83 degrees or so) and Ellie was a bit cranky and didn’t want to take a nap. So, Ellie and I decided to go swimming. Well, sitting…in water. Ellie donned her Little Swimmers diapers and swimsuit and we were off to Soundview Park for a dip in the … Continue reading Sunny Day Outing

This Week in Ellie

Over the last week or so, Ellie has been growing and developing like crazy. Here are a few highlights. Beep boop boop boop. Beep boop boop boop. Beep. Bop. Boop. Singing! Ellie has discovered that we sing to her. Although we have sung to Ellie since she was in the womb, Ellie figured out that … Continue reading This Week in Ellie

The Big 4-Oh!

I’m officially middle-aged. Weird. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great time with my family on a beautiful, sunny day. Ellie and I went to our Nurturing Baby dance class in the morning. She was a little fussy at class so when we got home Ellie took a nap and I took a … Continue reading The Big 4-Oh!

PEPS Friends

At our Monday night PEPS group, we split the group. The dads went to a local bar to drink and bond, while the moms and babies stayed at the house to eat chocolate and bond. Next week the dads and babies stay while the moms get to go drink. I love this group. We couldn’t … Continue reading PEPS Friends