Super Nap

Ellie just woke up from a nice long nap: four and a half hours! Unfortunately, it’s 9:45 pm (she went down at 4:15 pm). This should be fun. Update: After I played with her for a couple of hours, she fell asleep after a feeding and slept all night until 7:30 am. Magic baby! Here’s … Continue reading Super Nap

Daddy Day Care

As I was buckling a very surly Ellie into her car seat today, I had to ask myself: Is this really the first time I’ve taken her out by myself? And in her state, is that really the best idea? Kim was out for a few hours getting a new haircut, so Ellie and I … Continue reading Daddy Day Care

Don’t Let the Baby Hear

The topic of discussion at our PEPS meeting Monday was routines, and if we have any with our babies: feeding, going to bed, naptime, etc. With Ellie, we really don’t. She typically falls asleep after being fed, even if it’s just for a short while, so we’ve not attempted to start a regular schedule. We … Continue reading Don’t Let the Baby Hear

The Stay-Awake Plan

Sunday nights are typically busy for me, because that’s when I do a final edit pass on the week’s issue of TidBITS (which goes out on Monday). Tonight I also worked on the Apple TV Pocket Guide update, which is something I need to do at night: To get images of what appears on the … Continue reading The Stay-Awake Plan

The Outside World

Wednesday was a grand day out, not only because we took Ellie several places, but because she got to interact with other small humans – sort of. On the advice of parent-friends, we’ve joined PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support), a Seattle-area organization that puts new parents in touch with each other. It gives people … Continue reading The Outside World

Sleep and Muffins

Probably the number one question I get now is, “Sleeping much?” Surprisingly, the answer is, “Yes, a bit.” That’s not to say we’re getting long stretches of continuous sleep, but Ellie tends to sleep in larger chunks during the night (3-4 hours), so we’re only up a couple of times. For now. We’re now in … Continue reading Sleep and Muffins