Snow Days with Neighbors

This may seem like an old refrain, but once again I’m feeling extraordinarily blessed to live in this neighborhood. We really do have The Best Neighbors Anywhere, and the fact that Ellie is growing up in such a warm, caring environment makes me very thankful. The forecast said snow on Sunday and Monday with it … Continue reading Snow Days with Neighbors

Mother’s Day

The plan was that Ellie would come wake me up, and we’d go make breakfast while Kim slept in. However, Kim had been awake since 6 am by the time Ellie came into our room, so the girls went back to Ellie’s room and spent time together. When I got up, I made breakfast, but … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Happy Easter!

Good morning from the church service. Kim and I attended the 9:45 service, and then brought Ellie into the 11:30 one so she could experience the music at the beginning (with trumpets and drums!). She usually goes to Sunday school, but also likes going to the “big church” before we leave. Continue reading Happy Easter!

Ellie and Santa

We ventured into Ballard last weekend to check out Yulefest at the Nordic Heritage Museum and see Santa. Ellie was excited about it right up to the point where we were standing in line, and then she wasn’t so sure about this big bearded guy. She did well, though, not exactly warming up to the … Continue reading Ellie and Santa