4-Month Checkup

Our little girl is happy and healthy. And the numbers are in: Weight: 14 lb 08 oz Length: 25.25 inches Head diameter: 16.5 inches 75th percentile in each category. Plus, four shots, but she handled them with a small amount of screaming. Continue reading 4-Month Checkup

Video: Improving on Tummy Time

Ellie has so far been pretty reluctant to spend time on her belly, but now it appears that she’s developing the arm strength to do it for several minutes at a time. This video itself may not be super-exciting, but it is to her parents! Continue reading Video: Improving on Tummy Time

Odds and Ends

Kim and I took a walk with Ellie yesterday afternoon during a surprise burst of nice weather – earlier in the day it had been hailing, and on Saturday and Sunday it snowed. As we walked, we tried to come up with some highs and lows of the past week, since that’s how our PEPS … Continue reading Odds and Ends

Two Months, and Shots

Ellie turned two months last week, which meant it was time for her next checkup. We visited Dr. Guerra yesterday with a happy baby and a list of questions. (I’m somewhat proud that we haven’t needed to pester him with questions since the early days.) Our little girl is healthy and growing: 11 pounds 5.5 … Continue reading Two Months, and Shots