A Tooth!

At long last, Ellie’s first tooth is starting to come in – her left front top one. We’re working outside with the girl in a Pack n Play and I turned her upside down at one point (as I am wont to do). There it was, a sliver of pearl. Continue reading A Tooth!

Sweet Potatoes

We’re branching out to new foods. Ellie wasn’t crazy about the rice cereal, but the oatmeal was pretty well received. Now, we’re following our doctor’s suggestion to try a new food each week to see how she reacts. First up: sweet potatoes, which were a success. Kim said we should get a picture of this … Continue reading Sweet Potatoes

Six Month Checkup

And the numbers are [updated with percentiles]: Weight: 16 pounds 11 ounces (65%) Length: 27 inches (89%)* Head: 17 inches (67%) * The first words out of the doctor’s mouth were, “Wow, she’s big!” If she stays on the current growth track of 89 percentile, she could grow up to be 5′ 11″. Continue reading Six Month Checkup

Six Months!

Ellie turns six months old today! Holy cow. People told me that this would happen, but I didn’t expect that time would behave so weirdly after the birth of my baby. How has it already been six months? Now, when people say, “Soon she’ll be in college,” I’ll know what they’re talking about. Six months!! Continue reading Six Months!

First Solid Food

This day has been coming for quite a few weeks. I noticed Ellie moving her mouth one day, opening and closing it, and immediately wondered if perhaps she was teething, or her gums were swollen, or her sinuses were plugged. She seemed fine otherwise, so I just filed it away for later. Then, a day … Continue reading First Solid Food

Bare Lounging

I took a break from writing and encountered my bare baby lounging in the late-morning heat. Oh look, my camera is nearby! A little more background: Our darling girl has been quite the crankypants today, despite appearances, so we thought: get rid of those pants! Actually, she’s had a bout of diaper rash brought about … Continue reading Bare Lounging