Birthday Party!

Ellie seemed to have a fine time on her birthday with just us, but we couldn’t celebrate turning one without a real party. We hosted a small gathering at our house on Sunday afternoon, which gave the girl plenty of opportunity to bounce around, charm everyone, and revel in adorableness. We did attempt a cake … Continue reading Birthday Party!

Walking, the Video

When Ellie started standing on her own, my father said she’d be walking by Christmas. Ha ha, enthusiastic grandfather. Well, it’s Christmas day, and Ellie took her first two steps last night and was doing more walking today. I managed to capture some of it on video. Continue reading Walking, the Video


Okay, I’m just going to say it: I never thought a human being, especially a tiny human being, could produce such an awful odor. This isn’t your regular poopy-diaper smell, mind you. Kim and Ellie both came down with a stomach bug late last week, which completely knocked Kim out for two days and made … Continue reading Hazmat

9 Month Checkup

Today was Ellie’s nine month checkup, and we’re pleased to report that we have a happy, healthy baby! She’s still tall and narrow: 29.13 inches (92nd percentile) and 19 pounds 3 ounces (54th percentile). Her noggin is 44.3 cm around (58th percentile). Basically, she’s growing well. Ellie also got a flu shot (along with her … Continue reading 9 Month Checkup