Downtown Holiday Fun

Ellie and I had a super fun day today! Our friend Dana works for Amazon, and therefore has been working stupidly crazy hours preparing for the holidays. But, she really wanted to play with her daughter Ainsley during this festive time. So Dana played hooky from work and they invited us to come along. We … Continue reading Downtown Holiday Fun

Meeting Santa

A couple of weeks ago we went to Yulefest at the Nordic Heritage Museum. I knew they had a good Santa so I wanted to take Ellie to get her picture taken with him. We asked Ainsley and her folks to come along too – more the merrier. Ainsley got within 20 feet of Santa … Continue reading Meeting Santa

Ellie the Jelly

Today Ellie and I went to the Seattle Aquarium with the local grandparents. Larry and Janet have wanted to take us for quite some time, but we’ve never been able to find a time that worked for all of us. Well, actually Jeff wasn’t able to come since he’s finishing up a book, but we’ll … Continue reading Ellie the Jelly

End of a Good Thing

This past Thursday was the last day of Ellie’s nanny-share with Ainsley. With all the Halloween activities going on I didn’t get a chance to write it up. Ainsley is getting a new sister in April (congratulations Dana and David!) and to save some money, they decided to put Ainsley in full-time group day care. … Continue reading End of a Good Thing

Halloween Festivities

Celebrating Halloween started for us last weekend. Our friend Heidi offered to take Ellie and their son Logan to a neighborhood harvest party. Seeing this as an opportunity for Jeff and I to have a quiet dinner at a restaurant, we agreed. The only problem was that I had to get Ellie’s costume together more … Continue reading Halloween Festivities

Camping Again

I wasn’t going to write anything up about our camping trip last weekend until I saw this video Jeff posted today. So cute, I had to share: Since it is rather difficult to child-proof a campsite, Ellie was getting into everything (no, don’t lunge into the tent; no, don’t pull on the propane hose to … Continue reading Camping Again

Santa Barbara Trip

The problem with both Jeff and I posting here is that we each thought the other person would write up our trip. I’m not sure if we are both really lazy, too busy, or overly courteous. Either way, we wanted to get a few of our favorite pictures in the blog, and share a few … Continue reading Santa Barbara Trip

Fabulous Friday

Ellie and I joined our PEPS friend Dana and her daughter Ainsley and nanny Emilie for a great morning in Ballard on Friday. A local indy radio station, KEXP, was sponsoring a day of free live music at several of the businesses in the area. We were able to go to two of the performances. … Continue reading Fabulous Friday