Pumkin’ Pickin’

We had such a great time at Jubilee Farm last year that we decided to make the trek back there again. It was a little tricky due to a bridge closure (which required us to take the long way around) and a road closure (that resulted in us getting hopelessly lost for a while), but … Continue reading Pumkin’ Pickin’

Raised by Pirates

Jeff and Ellie got home from California on a Wednesday, and on Friday we jumped in the car again for a small road trip to Spokane. It was my and Jeff’s 20th Reunion at Whitworth and Homecoming weekend. We had a great time showing Ellie around the school, reminiscing about (not) catching virgin pinecones, walking … Continue reading Raised by Pirates

Pumpkin Party

Officially it’s fall (even if it was 97 degrees in Dixon), which means, it’s time for the annual Valencia Farm Pumpkin Party! This year, Jeff was feeling adventurous and decided it would be fun to drive to California. Because I took so much time off work while my family visited Seattle, it didn’t feel like … Continue reading Pumpkin Party

Our Beautiful Ballerina

Saturday was Ellie’s ballet recital. She was wonderful! I was really impressed with how much she’s matured and grown as a dancer since her last (mini) recital in December. This time she got to wear a costume and be on a real stage. I believe she recognized the difference and stepped up. She also had … Continue reading Our Beautiful Ballerina

Pony Party!

Ellie is four years old! (I’m still trying to wrap my head around that.) Obviously she needed a party, and Ellie started talking about options for her big day in September. Most of the ideas involved inviting everyone in her school to a park for a picnic. As her birthday is in February (not usually … Continue reading Pony Party!

Snow Days with Neighbors

This may seem like an old refrain, but once again I’m feeling extraordinarily blessed to live in this neighborhood. We really do have The Best Neighbors Anywhere, and the fact that Ellie is growing up in such a warm, caring environment makes me very thankful. The forecast said snow on Sunday and Monday with it … Continue reading Snow Days with Neighbors