Raising an Activist

4 thoughts on “Raising an Activist”

  1. Thanks for saying it so eloquently, Kim! Aubrey had a similar, matter-of-fact reaction when we talked about how some people didn’t think it was OK for two women or two men to get married: “That’s not fair!” I’m heartened by the fact that same-sex marriage is such a non-issue for the 4-5 year old set. It bodes well for the future!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    We’ve appreciated your friendship and support throughout this campaign and have loved getting to know you all better.
    The families at Agape have provided unwaivering support and love throughout these many months which has been so meaningful to us.
    We have an enormous list of people to thank, it’s almost overwhelming to think of how many people helped in ways big and small. The ultimate result was equality and a stronger community.
    Much love from the Martinson/Ozolitis family to the Carlsons!

  3. Harriet’s first wedding was our two close friends, Jen and Barb. And I had the pleasure of officiating. While our contributions to the 74 campaign were integrated with other familes, we were all fighting the same fight this Fall. We are so relieved this passed. Go Washington!

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