The Outside World

4 thoughts on “The Outside World”

  1. That sounds like our first couple of PEPS meetings, where the boy slept through the whole thing quite contentedly. No one would believe the wringers he was putting us through (particularly in the middle of the night).

  2. What happens in PEPS stays in PEPS.
    But you have to be careful to not get envious or be the object of envy. Everyone’s so tired, it’s easy to forget you’re the village you just assembled.

  3. Logan didn’t get the latch thing right til he was three months. Hang in there. It does eventually work.
    We had one PEPS meeting where L did cry – one of the other dads video taped it he was so thrilled to see we, too, had troubles. Be thrilled you have the good kid, but don’t gloat (until you get home).

  4. Heidi, that’s very encouraging about latching. Thank you!
    As for PEPS, our girl evened out the scaled by being fussy all throughout the last meeting. We’ve been careful not to toot our own horns, even so. 🙂

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