Our Little Trooper, or, the PKU Test

One thought on “Our Little Trooper, or, the PKU Test”

  1. This was absolutely the worst thing in the four days we spent in the hospital following Ben’s birth–in our case, testing for excess bilirubin (jaundice). I went with Ben to a room several doors down from where Lynn was, and we had a great phlebotomist, and Lynn could still hear him screaming. We were all rather shaken, even though it didn’t last that long, and Ben was just fine.
    Ben also had problems nursing early on after Lynn’s 60 hours of labor, and babies that are a little dehydrate already are both harder to get blood out of and more likely to need the light treatment for jaundice.
    We’d already resolved that if they hadn’t gotten enough blood for the test, we’d just sign him up for the light treatments, which wouldn’t be harmful (he turned out to be on the edge, anyway), and would have been easier to bear than watching your infant be stabbed over and over again!

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