Eliana Wren Carlson

13 thoughts on “Eliana Wren Carlson”

  1. 34 hours? That’s nothing – all that book work of late should make that a walk in the park. Sofian is looking forward to meeting Ellie and introducing her to croissants.

  2. She is very beautiful and her cousin Emma is thrilled to have a baby cousin – she hasn’t stopped talking about Ellie since they met.

  3. Congratulations! I’ve been checking several times a day to see if there was anything. And now I wake up to this most wonderful news. She’s beautiful! (And my husband, the bird guy, highly approves of her middle name!)

  4. Mazel tov! Welcome to the world, Eliana. (Don’t let ’em call you Ellie if you want your full, great name!) It’s a wonderful place, this whole world thing, and you’ve got two amazing parents to help you learn all about it.

  5. Hiyah, gorgeous! Can’t wait to meet you in person! Harper’s itching to babysit 🙂 Love to you & your mom & dad . . . make sure you let them sleep once in a while, okay kiddo? ~Liane

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